Parvo Virus Warning to the UK




There is a substantial increase of Parvo Virus in the UK, Please take every precaution and keep your dogs vaccinations up to date. we feel it is in the interest of the health and welfare of our puppies to postpone any puppies returning here for their  holidays. we have been breeding dogs for 17 years and we have never had a case of Parvo virus, as we are very strict on visiting/viewing, Please potential Puppy buyers, do not go from puppies to puppies when viewing, as you yourselves could be spreading this deadly disease. we apologies for any inconvenience caused

We at Manorborn have not had  the Parvo virus due to our very strict visiting stipulations


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Our Puppies will have their first vaccination( Nobivac) before they go to their new homes, the 2nd vaccination is due at 10 weeks of age with the Nobivac only, Please do not let your puppy come into contact with any unvaccinated dogs, if you have foxes in your area, Please keep your dog in the house until 12 weeks of age.

if you do not have foxes in your area and foxes cannot get into your garden then you can let puppy out in your garden before the 2nd injection

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We recommend to use the Advocate spot on every 4 wks, in conjunction with the milbimax puppy wormer every 3 months approx



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Please send your Puppy to the Groomer's every 8-10 wks approx,

 for a bath, brush, ears, nails and a Trim...

Do not over bath your puppy, but if you have to bath puppy then use a gentle shampoo.

( I would take a picture to the Groomer's, to avoid getting the wrong look

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We do not use the barf or raw meat diet

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                                           F1 Labradoodle

50-50 ( F1 Labradoodle x Australian Asd Labradoodle

                               Asd Australian Labradoodles


F1 Labradoodle is a Labrador x Poodle

You will get scruffy/wavy coats that will shed naturally





The 50-50 Labradoodles are low shedding, you can get 3 coat types, Scruffy, fleece and curly

Scruffy Below

Fleece coat Below



   Asd Australian Labradoodles are Asd x Asd, non shedding,low odour and more suitable for folks with allergies

Tonto - Wavy Fleece below

Spiral/Wool  Coat


Breeders of Miniature Labradoodles puppies


ALFA To Protect the ASD Australian Labradoodle

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