Manorborn  Asd Labradoodle Application or Enquiry

  You are required to fill out this application for suitability for one of our Puppies!!  Thank you For Your co-operation, if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours Please Ring me on 01432 820997 or 07775 738907


Full Address
Landline Number
Mobile Numbers
Email Address:
What is Both Partners Occupation??
When approx would you like a puppy
Are there any dates where you cant have a puppy due to a holiday
Have you got a safe secure garden Yes
Have you researched the Australian Labradoodle breed thoroughly before making this enquiry yes
Do you understand that this enquiry/application is for a 100% Pure Asd Australian Labraoodle yes i know
no i don't
What coat Pref ( we cannot garantee your coat pref) wool

what is your coat pref in order first choice wool
first choice fleece

secound choice wool
secound choice fleece

Gender male
don't mind
Gender if pref order first choice female
first choice male
secound choice female
secound choice male
third choice dont mind
family pet or breeding family pet only
Colour pref chocolate/caffa
don't mind
what size pref mini- 16 inches or below
small medium 17-19 inches
large Medium- 19-22 inches approx
don't mind
Is there someone at home to look after the puppy Yes
have you thought about puppy classes Yes
Our waiting list for asd can range from 3-9mnts do you mind waiting yes i can wait
no i can't wait
Have you visited any other breeders? if so who?
Have you been in contact with any other breeders? if so who?
Is the cost of the puppy an issue yes
Have you already seen a Manorborn Labradoodle ?
Any allergy/asthma sufferers in your family yes
Any children if so please list there ages
Where did you hear about us? Recommendation ( If so please give the names )
Breeders on Line
Pets 4 homes
Other Please List
Any Information from above can be filled in here
Is this a enquiry or a puppy application to reserve a Asd puppy Enquiry
Waiting List
Once you have completed your application form, Please ring me for a chat. Tel 01432 820997 or 07775 738907 (Required) I have understood the Application/Enquiry

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If your Application is Approved then you will need to fill in the Reservation form Below

Puppy Reservation Form Please complete if both Parties want to move to the next stage



 01432 820997

 07775 738907


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