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Why have a Labradoodle

Some reasons why I am passionate about our  Labradoodles:
  •  Asd  Australian Labradoodle is Non shedding*  Australian low shedding* easy to train* great family pets* incredibly intelligent* loyal* athletic* funny and endearing* beautiful and easy to care for* labradoodles love children and animals* playful gentle and kind* willing and eager to please*
  • they are fun dogs

Labradors and Poodles have been cross bred to produce an outstanding and unique family pet. the Labradoodle has fast become a very welcome addition to the top  ten most favourite dogs in Britain and has had a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years.  Taking all the best attributes from both the Labrador and Poodle breeds, the Labradoodle has not only become popular for it's sound temperament and fun loving spirit, but also because it is suited for special work including Therapy, Assistance and Seizure Alert Dogs as well as Guide Dogs simply because they are so intelligent and easy to train. The Asd Australian Labradoodles have up to 5/6 selected infused breeds. not simply just Labrador and poodle.

Please Note We cannot guarantee the size of your Labradoodle or coat colour or coat length. No one can guarantee that there will not be some coat shedding!  however with a Pure Asd Australian Labradoodles we have not had a problem with shedding so far, so shedding would be highly unlikely

Any one suffering from an allergy please research thoroughly and please read the link below.

Labradoodles are an intended cross between a Labrador and a standard poodle. The breed originated in Australia in the 1970’s when a man called Wally Cochran was prompted to breed a dog for a blind woman who suffered from allergies. The result was a success as the puppies inherited the genes from the poodle which provide the curly  some  non shedding coats with the trainable loving nature of the Labrador. This was the beginning of the Labradoodle.

Labradoodles are now widely bred in Australia, America and in the U.K. The aim of the breed is to produce a puppy with either a curly or wavy, low or ideally non shedding coat. but no one can guarantee this with the English labradoodles,  I would say they are  light shedding if they shed it is very minimal.. ((the Australian labradoodles  wool coat/fleece are non shedding and hypoallergenic (Some puppies in a litter will be more smooth coated but they will still have a Labradoodle personality!)

Labradoodles are loyal, loving companions who prove to be good guard dogs in the home. They enjoy the company of people and other dogs and their temperament makes them an ideal choice for families with children. They can be very energetic and agile and enjoy dog agility.

Labradoodles are very intelligent and trainable. They are often used as working dogs and perform a variety of roles which is why they are a popular choice with the charities Canine Partners for Independence and Guide Dogs for the Blind They can be taught many commands and can transform the lives of people with disabilities.
  it is essential for the parents to be hip/elbow and eye tested




Approximate heights and weights of the Australian Labradoodle:

Miniature 12-16 inches 10 -15 kg

Medium 17-20 inches 15 - 19 kg

Standard 21-24+ inches 20 - 40 kg


Allergy Suffers Please Note

Regarding Allergy friendly! I would like to make it quite clear NO one can guarantee 100%

claims that any breed of  puppy will not create a reaction, But many people are ok!

I will gladly discuss this with you, and i would suggest you also speak to your

doctor and vet,