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Code of Ethics


Our New Puppy Owners are Important to us! and we Pledge to carry out our code of ethics

Please Read

1) We only breed from Health Tested Parents the Parents will be hip/eye tested / Pra optigen tested

2)Only To breed from dogs with Good Temperaments and Type

3)  Bitches will be Checked by our vets Prior to being bred from

4) Our Breeding males and females are Socialized with the family and are Fed the very best food

5)Our Breeding  Dogs are vaccinated wormed and flea treated at regular intervals.  we also take our vets recommendations at  all times

6)All puppies are  microchipped for your peace of mind and Registered with Pettrac

7) Puppies are Born in our Family home/Annexe, Adjoining our home, At 4 wks of age they go into the Puppy Nursery for early socialization with everyday sounds and experiences!! ( Paper Training and crate Training)

8) The Puppies are vet checked, and will have had There 1st vaccination, will be  wormed, flea treated  and all ready to Join there new families!

9) Puppies are sold as Pets Only!! Pet puppies will be spayed/neutered this is included in the purchase price { All Asd breeders are bound by international laws to do so } if your puppy has not been Esn then it is not a Genuine Asd Australian

10)Breeding Stock For Any Person/Persons  Wanting to breed  They will be expected to enter into a Different Agreement and different rules apply

11) we will never deliver Puppies, or sell to Pet shops or 3rd Parties

12) Rehoming -If your circumstances should change and you need to re-home your puppy/dog we will do our very best to find your puppy a suitable loving  home, in the meantime the Puppy would stay with their current family, until a suitable Puppy Purchaser becomes available, Under No Circumstances will we have your puppy- dog  back to our home. due to the risk of infection to our home/Premises also it is less stressful for the puppy to stay with their family, We would Put an advert on our website should it become necessary

13) We offer lifelong  Aftercare  and advise  for you and your new puppy

14) If for any reason your puppy should  be affected due to a hereditary testable illness this applies to hips/elbows/eyes only, this only applies when following our puppy guidelines.. if any problems  occur. we must be kept informed before any treatment.. otherwise this contract will be void. we would offer a  Replacement Puppy should this happen within 2yrs of age ( A letter Must be accompanied by 2 independent veterinary written Report

We do not except any responsibility for hip/Elbow joints or eyes as a result of a accident or injury or excessive exercise which could effect the limbs.

This is the confidence we have in our dogs we offer a 2year health contract/warranty
to give our new puppy owners peace of mind
and to allay any fears one might have when buying a new puppy, Your puppy is eligible to be registered on the Kennel Club Non Active Register if required

15) All Puppies will be given a Puppy Pack, Information on diet exercise and information on taking care of your puppy,

16) When you visit Your puppy at 5/6 wks of age and you have met mum and sire ( Where possible ) and  puppies, If the mum is a care/Guardian home girl, then you will need to come on the visiting day if you wish to see her, as she will return to her family when the Puppies are 6 weeks old.... you will  also be  given information on what you will need to buy in Preparation for your new puppy also a day will be arranged then to collect your new Puppy



We make NO guarantee to the finished  Labradoodle coat colour, colours can and do change from their puppy colour, some dogs/puppies will remain dark chocolate, some will turn cafe/Parchment. Black puppies occasionally turn silver, there is usually an indication of this quite young, we make NO guarantees that fleece will remain fleece or wool will remain wool,  this is quite common for this to change, we have up to this point been 100% successful with breeding non shedding ASD Labradoodles, we will do our best to maintain the non shedding aspect, but except no responsibility if a puppy were to shed. Before Reserving Your Puppy, if you have allergies Please see a Allergy Specialist

Rules for Visiting Day

Due to the Parvo Virus Outbreak in the UK,  to keep our home free of any disease/Germs, You will be asked to dip your feet in disinfectant, and wear disposable gloves or hand disinfectant, You will not be allowed to handle the puppy until the collection day


Deposit Explained

The deposit is non-refundable unless we let you down and a full refund would be provided

When you come to view the litter on the allocated viewing day 5/6wks of age approx, If we do not feel you are suitable for one of our puppies we can refuse a puppy family having one of our puppies.


Please Note

When the puppies have been born I will contact you with the viewing day and collection day this normally falls on a weekend day!

When I have arranged  both viewing and collection day's I am then able to know what weekend's I have free to arrange quality time with my friends and family. I can only arrange one viewing day for a litter, this is less stressful for the Puppies and the Mum, if you cannot make the viewing day, I will send you pictures if requested



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How do I Reserve a Puppy?



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