"A Thing of Beauty is a JOY Forever"

Our dogs and puppies are bred to be Truly "PEOPLE" dogs - they live to give love and their lives are not fulfilled without a forever family of their very own to love.

This program allows carefully selected local families to have a dog that is the very best of the breed for the cost of a small deposit, which is fully refundable when the breeding agreement is complete.


How does it Work?


The selected dog or puppy lives with it's Guardian family forever. unless your circumstances change and you can no longer keep the dog


The Guardian Home's obligations are to:

    * Provide lots of love, limit exercise up to 1 year of age, socialization and grooming.
    * Provide routine veterinary care, and maintain wellness.
       vaccines, and monthly worm, flea and tick prevention.
    * Feed a high quality dog food. ( The Royal Canin or James Wellbeloved)
    * For a set period of time, return the dog to the breeder for breeding and from the birth to
       weaning of the puppies.
    * Guardian Families are welcome to participate in the litter's Progress.


Requirements for being a Guardian Home.

    * Must live within 50 miles of Hereford
    * Must have a fenced enclosure for the safety of the dog. a large enough garden
    * Must own your own home.
    * Must be able to ensure that the dog will not be left alone for lengthy periods of time.
    * Must have adequate arrangements to transport the dog back to us when necessary.
    * Must agree to keep the dog indoors
    * Must agree to never leave the dog outside unmonitored.

   * Must keep care home puppy/dog in the house and walks on a lead and must not be allowed to come into contact with any male dogs

   * Must not be planning or moving away for at least 6 years, Puppy/dog must be within 30miles away and if a house move is further away than this then the puppy/dog would need to return to the Breeder

Your Labradoodle will come to you completely qualified for our breeding program and in excellent health. when the care home Female has puppies a  financial gift is given the the family to go towards the grooming and food ect

Your labradoodle will be planned for  4 litters  approx in the future approx depending on the litter progress, depending on their age and the goals of our Breed Development Program.

When your female labradoodle comes in heat, the Guardian family must notify us immediately and arrange to bring her to us for breeding related Honeymooning

When your Labradoodle has had her litter, they will return to their guardian home.

Our female labradoodles will return to their guardian homes until 1 week before she is due to deliver. She will then stay with us until her babies are weaned at 6-7 weeks approx, and then return to her Guardian home.

After she has had her litters, she will be  Returned to you after they have been spay/neuter, and they would be then transferred to the guardian home